Jarvis Reservation

Jarvis Reservation gives you greater controls over your reservations, reduce the burden from over booking and no-show. 




Branded Reservation Form

Personalised guest reservation form with custom fields that can be embedded onto your website and facebook page

Run Campaigns

Uplift your sales with deals/offers for reservation during non-peak hours

Mailchimp Integration

Automatically subscribe your guest to your mailing list

Flexible Timeslot Rules

Configure the number of tables you want to allocate (catered to different pax size) for each timeslot. Setup different timeslots for weekdays and weekends/public holiday

Lead Time for Booking

Configure the lead time for advance and last minute booking

Close Timeslot

Block bookings when you are closed on any specific day or timeslot

SMS / Email Confirmation/Reminder

Configure automated SMS and/or email confirmation and reminder messages and EDM

Whatsapp Alert

Notify your staff of reservation requests via whatsapp group message